OM Yoga readers are not only passionate about yoga, but also strive to live a healthy lifestyle. 

The magazine has a unique audience: affluent, well-educated, and professional. Our readers want to learn more about the practice that they love, but also want to explore the ways that they can extend their yogic principles off the mat, into their everyday lives. Yoga is not just about the poses you learn during class, it's a way of life, and our readers understand this, and are deeply invested in their own health and wellbeing.

Yoga has never been more popular, as people seek respite from the stresses and difficulties of modern life. OM Yoga understands this and seeks to introduce the practice to everyone, regardless of gender, age or ability.

Our magazine has unrivalled circulation and readership; more store stock OM Yoga than any other yoga title. Our targeted distribution and subscription means that your advertisement will be seen by the widest possible readership.

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