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Issue 147 *
November 2023
London Studio Feature
Online Teacher Training
Yoga Mats
1st September 20238th September 202319th October 2023
Issue 148
December 2023
Christmas Gift Guide
Yoga for Stress
6th October 202310th October 202316th November 2023
Issue 149
January/ February 2024
New Year, New You: Living A Happier, Healthier Life in 2024
Yoga and Sound
17th November 202324th November 202328th December 2023
Issue 150
March 2024
Yoga Clothing and Accessories
Accessible Yoga
12th January 202426th January 202415th February 2024
Issue 151
April 2024
Yoga Travel Retreats
Yoga for Pain Management
9th February 202416th February 202415th March 2024
Issue 152
May 2024
10 Trending Yoga Styles
Yoga for Mental Health
8th March 202415th March 202418th April 2024
Issue 153
June 2024
Yoga Teacher Training5th April 202412th April 202416th May 2024
Issue 154
July/August 2024
Yoga Ceremonies and Sacred Rituals
Best of British: Top British Yoga Talent
Therapy Yoga
17th May 202424th May 20244th July 2024
Issue 155
September 2024
Yoga for Pregnancy and Children
Ayurvedic: Yoga's Sister Science
28th June 20245th July 202415th August 2024
Issue 156
October 2024
OM Yoga Show Preview
Moon Cycles and The Menopause
2nd August 20249th August 202412th September 2024
Issue 157
November 2024 *
London Studio Feature
Yoga Mats and Accessories
30th August 20236th September 202417th October 2024
Issue 158
December 2024
Christmas Gift Guide
Yoga For Stress
OM Awards
11th October 202411th October 202414th November 2024

* The November issue will be on sale at the OM Yoga Show

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