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OM Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine

Since launching in 2009, OM Yoga & Lifestyle has quickly gained a reputation for quality, style, and superior editorial content. It is dedicated to helping its readers live a richer, more fulfilling life, drawing on the physical and mental disciplines of yoga.
OM readers aspire to make a positive difference to their lives while living life naturally and using ethical and sustainable products.
Published by the Prime Impact team, the magazine is edited by Martin Clark, a long-time writer and professional editor. As well as seasoned journalists, the publication is a platform for new writing talent, encouraging creative people from all walks of life to put pen to paper. This fresh approach creates a well-balanced publication that's a pleasure to read.

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Circulation: 37,000
Frequency: 12 issues per year
Pages: At least 100 pages
Cover price: £5.99
Available: Tesco, WHSmith, Sainsbury's, Asda, plus WholeFoods, Martin McColls, independent newsagents and re-sellers
First published: 2009
Social media: OM Yoga & Lifestyle has over 175,000 social media followers, a number that is growing daily.

Our other titles

Prime Impact has two other consumer magazines, as well as a trade title. Vegan Life Magazine, established in 2014, was the first consumer vegan magazine on UK shelves, and boasts a clutch of awards to its name. PlantBased Magazine is 100% dedicated to plant-based food. 

“Ahimsa” is the common message in everything we do.

Our trade title - Vegan Trade Journal - came about to help extend the range of vegan food available through the food service industry and support vegan manufacturing companies.