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OM Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine

Since launching in 2009, OM Yoga & Lifestyle has quickly gained a reputation for quality, style, and superior editorial content. It is dedicated to helping its readers live a richer, more fulfilling life, drawing on the physical and mental disciplines of yoga.
OM readers aspire to make a positive difference to their lives while living life naturally and using ethical and sustainable products.
Published by the Prime Impact team, the magazine is edited by Martin Clark, a long-time writer and professional editor. As well as seasoned journalists, the publication is a platform for new writing talent, encouraging creative people from all walks of life to put pen to paper. This fresh approach creates a well-balanced publication that's a pleasure to read.

Changes due to COVID-19

In light of current circumstances, we are changing the way our business operates and are adapting to the digital age. We anticipate that many people will be feeling uncertain in these times, and we want to reassure you that we will continue to support and represent your organisation, via an expanding online presence. It is estimated that 87 per cent of people worldwide use the internet daily, therefore we will be shifting our attention to this huge market, creating a more connected community and taking hold of the opportunities available. With this in mind, our magazines will be moving online exclusively, gaining the benefits that come with this. Going paperless allows us to uphold our strong environmental values, while also becoming instantly accessible and shareable, and thus having an increased audience and customer reach starting from 50,000 readers per magazine. We expect this figure to grow rapidly, as all four of our magazines (OM Yoga, Vegan Life, Be Kind and PlantBased – worth £19.96 in total)  MOVING FORWARD WILL NOW  BE FREE and will be freely available to download and share, with click-through advertising links. Not to mention, our loyal social media followings will allow for further added engagement, with content shared across a multitude of platforms. The internet will always be there – and so will we. At the click of a button, in the safety of one’s own home, Prime Impact’s titles will not only help readers through these tough times, but will be an available platform for your products and services at a time when society is more mindful of stepping outside. We’ve long been pioneers for conscious and ethical consumers, providing everyone from yoga enthusiasts to newbie vegans with titles they can rely upon, and now, we hope to continue to satisfy their hunger for information and entertainment, while also reaching a far greater readership than before.

OM Yoga & Lifestyle in 60 seconds

Readership: 50,000
Frequency: 12 issues per year
Pages: At least 100 pages
Cover price: FREE
Available: Online
First published: 2009
Social media: OM Yoga & Lifestyle has over 175,000 social media followers, a number that is growing daily.

Our other titles

Prime Impact has three other consumer magazines, as well as a trade title. Vegan Life Magazine, established in 2014, was the first consumer vegan magazine on UK shelves, and boasts a clutch of awards to its name. PlantBased Magazine is 100% dedicated to plant-based food. Be Kind is dedicated to environment, community, sustainability and creativity. 

“Ahimsa” is the common message in everything we do.

Our trade title - Vegan Trade Journal - came about to help extend the range of vegan food available through the food service industry and support vegan manufacturing companies.