Article Submission Guidelines

At OM Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine we welcome new articles and ideas from all writers, bloggers and yoga enthusiasts. You do not need to have any formal writing experience, or have been published elsewhere, to write for the magazine.
Please note that whilst we cannot pay for external writing or photography, OM Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine prides itself on being a platform for yoga students, teachers and new writing/photography talent to showcase their work to a wider, international audience.
To this end, we are keen to support our writers/photographers by including name credits, websites etc. for readers to link directly to them. Many of our writers have enjoyed very positive and personal feedback from readers, and built their writing/photo portfolio in association with OM magazine.
Thank you for your interest in writing for us.


Please take time to familiarise yourself with OM magazine before approaching us to make sure you contact the correct person.
We receive a large number of editorial queries. All of those submitted are reviewed, however, as we are a very small team, it is not possible for us to respond to each and every single email. There is no need to send in a follow-up email as we will be in touch if interested in your article/idea.
OM Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine is Britain's leading publication covering all areas around yoga and the yogic lifestyle. It is divided into a number of regular core sections:

  • OM Body (practical yoga, sequences, physical body)
  • OM for Men (yoga articles specifically aimed at men)
  • OM Mind (meditation, psychology, self-help)
  • OM Spirit (philosophy of yoga, spirituality)
  • OM Living (healthy eating, nutrition, wellness)
  • OM Family (yoga for all the family, children, teens)
  • OM Actions (yogis making things happen in the world, charities, ethical business)
  • OM Travel (yoga travel, retreats, destinations, festivals, events)

Some of the established regular columns that we are always looking for new material include:

  • My Secret Place (incredible locations for yoga)
  • Amazing Spaces (beautiful studios from around the world)
  • Yoga Changed My Life (an individual detailing how yoga has positively impacted their life)
  • Yoga Sequences (practical yoga tutorials and demonstrations, both photo-based and video)

For all editorial matters, including features and stories outside of these categories, please complete the form below

Please Read Before Submitting

Please refer to the following points before sending in your article or story to OM:

  • Do familiarise yourself with the style and content of the magazine before sending in any stories or article ideas
  • As a general guide, our feature articles range from 500 words to 1500 words.
  • Articles must be non-promotional. Any promotional-based articles should be sent to the advertising department.
  • Please make sure that you are aware of the copyright status for any articles/images supplied.
  • Be aware that if your work is selected for inclusion, that it may appear in our licenced editions in other countries.
  • All photographs submitted need to be high resolution.
Please submit your article or story idea using the form below: